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Sanity when you need it the most

No owner/manager goes to work with an incident in mind.  I wonder what injury or illness will happen today?!

So it’s very normal that most people aren’t really well practised in dealing with incidents.   It’s just a statistical fact.  As a result we’ve created the Safety Sanity program.  From as little as a dollar a day, you can have peace of mind.  We’ve created a toolkit of sorts, which will help you respond to and learn from less significant incidents, plus phone advice when you need it.  But in the event of a serious incident notifiable to SafeWork, things can get insane.

To maintain sanity for yourself, your people and your business, you also get immediate and comprehensive advice on incident response, injured worker support, and dealing with SafeWork.  You also get an on-site visit without delay and a full investigation – to learn and improve.  This also goes some way in demonstrating due diligence, which comes in handy should you end up in court.

Do you want sanity when you need it the most? Join us!

Introducing Safety. Sanity.

Help responding to incidents, when you need it most

Why would I want this?


A serious incident will drastically disrupt you and your business

How bad, depends on how quick, and appropriate, your response is

Get help fast, to guide you through what will be an unfamiliar process

Professional help will facilitate great outcomes for injured workers, your team and your business – reducing impacts of injury/illness, anguish, business disruption and potential penalties


What’s involved


Get access to expert assistance & advice 24/7

We’ll consider your assistance offer, including a fee, on a case by case basis

Starts from as little as $1 per day for up to $3000 worth of professional assistance

Heavily discounted rates in the unlikely event you need more help than covered.


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