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Fidesa is led by me, Andrew.  I call myself the Chief Change Agent.  Apart from sounding a bit cooler than ‘CEO’ or ‘Director’, change is what I’m all about.  Change is hard, change is messy, and change is REALLY important – and I help businesses through change.

I have managed change improvements in a range of areas, including environmental and quality management, but I’m most passionate about workplace health and safety.  #GROAN, right?! Well, apart from being important for the obvious reasons (businesses not wrecking peoples lives through injury, illness and death), the #groan reaction is a really common one.  Which I want to change :-)

Having spent over a decade in a range of businesses and industries, learning how not to do workplace heath and safety (which is a good thing, called learning), in 2015 I realised that I needed to do MORE.  So I founded Fidesa.  When we get to know each other more, I can tell you about the name, suffice it to say my mission was to help businesses succeed through great health and safety – not ‘ticking the box, ‘paperwork upon paperwork’, ‘just win the tender’, ‘treat me like a child’ health and safety, but effective health and safety which contributes value, not cost (and #groans) to the business.

Given I wanted to take on big change, the obvious place to look is small and medium business.  In Australia they are about 99% of businesses, creating 70% of employment, and powering 46% of GDP – they are pretty significant, yet suffer enormously from absent or poor health and safety.  Not to mention the barriers to them getting good help, including employment barriers, cost barriers, cashflow barriers, motivational barriers and snake-oil-salesmen-who-burn-them barriers.

So that’s our challenge at Fidesa – make workplace health and safety simple for small and medium business.  We’re taking the best research, the most modern practices, the greatest industry insights, the most fruitful networks and the most innovative business models, and using great coaches and advisers to create simple (which can co-exist with the complex, believe it or not) – where complicated health and safety fails small and medium businesses.  If you want to help, check out this video to get to know us better, and see if you can connect motivated business owners you know with the potential for simple health and safety.

Apart from taking on huge challenges like this, I’m a wonderful husband (I can say that can’t I?!) and father to 5 wonderful kids. We live in beautiful regional South Australia, and are part of an amazing community.  We like to lighten our footprint on the earth where we can, and have fun doing it.

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