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I sat down with a business owner recently and after talking for a while, he said to me “you’re not really talking about health and safety, are you?”

Now you might think that’s a strange comment, since I talk a lot about how to improve health and safety in small businesses.  But I was super excited when he said this – I jumped out of my chair and I yelled “you get it! That’s the secret!” I’ll tell you why, and especially why that smart cookie could be you too.

You see the ways you can go about sort out health and safety in your business, are actually the same ways that will improve the productivity of your employees, to become more innovative and efficient, to give your customers a better experience and ultimately to make your business more profitable and sustain that into the future.


Let me give you some examples.

Working with one of my clients we focussed on safe driving, since they have most of their people out on the road in trucks and cars.  They went through the process we call Safety Success, and as a result of that not only were they successful in improving safe driving which was one of their biggest risks, they saw significant fuel savings because of the change in driving behaviour.

That’s a direct bottom line saving and a seriously effective approach to reducing one of their biggest risks.


Here’s another one: This client of mine thought they were doing a bunch of health and safety things, which turned out to be the little things, the 1 percenters, rather than focussing on the biggest priorities.  Sitting through our program together we identified that they were most likely to kill someone because of fatigue – in fact someone nearly died after working a few very long shifts.

The process we went through enabled them to get focussed on the big ticket items.  As a result of that mindset shift, they figured out that their sales process and people were creating unnecessary time pressure on their operations people, so the demand couldn’t be met, timeframes got compressed and quality suffered as a result.  By focussing on a health and safety risk they realised the opportunity to improve how they sales and operations people could work closer to give the customer a better outcome, and reduce fatigue risk at the same time.

They also reviewed their customers and got rid of a number of low sales but high-maintenance customers, so they could focus on their most valuable customers – because the health and safety process we went through focussed business owners on the right priorities, the highest leverage things.

So yeah, when a small business owner realises that whilst I’m talking about health and safety, I’m talking about so much more than health and safety, I get excited, because they get it!

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