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A common excuse why small business owners don’t have health and safety sorted out is that they don’t have the money to spend on expert advice. Today I’m going to tell you how to get expert advice for free!

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about me, as someone who helps business owners improve health and safety, is that I’m the “expert” in health and safety in their business.

The thing is, you’ll get health and safety right by actually getting your own work right. The people who do work in your business, every day, are the experts at that work. They know what’s required to get the job done safely, even if that doesn’t happen all the time.

I’ve worked with warehousing and trucking and manufacturing and services businesses and more, but I don’t work there every day – your own people do. So they are the experts in the way work gets done, and importantly how it gets done safely. There is no way I can be as expert as they are in their own work!

So the way to get free expert advice about health and safety is to simply ask your people – how do you get work done? How do you do it so you and other people stay safe and healthy? How have you changed what you do after something went wrong? What else can we do to improve?

What I am an expert in is making sense of the big picture – a business owner needs a plan before they start working on tasks. That’s my expertise, but I’ll never be as expert as your people in doing their work.

Now your people aren’t perfect, and they don’t have all the answers. But if you take a little time to better understand them and ask them as the experts in their own work, you’ll learn more about health and safety in a one conversation than you ever would reading stuff online or going to some training course.

How will you tap into the expert advice you have in your business (your people) to understand and improve health and safety today?

I love helping small business owners like you, and create a lot of helpful videos like this one to do that, as well as coach those of you who want to take your health and safety improvement really seriously by creating your overall plan.

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