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Health and safety success, together!

We know what health and safety success in small and medium businesses looks like, and we know how to get there.  And its probably different from what you think!

We bring an expert into your team to help you reach success.  We can’t do it for you, in the same way that a sports coach or personal trainer can’t run or jump or kick for you.  Our flexible program tailors the right amount of time for you, to coach you through setting health and safety goals, actions to take to get there, advice on how to do it, motivation when it gets hard, and accountability when you need a push.

With flexible options to suit every business, this is a proven approach to success that no amount of paperwork or training can achieve.  Join us!

Introducing Safety. Success.

Success = consistently reaching your health and safety goals over time

What’s Involved?

Initial business review and goal setting

Regular, short sessions to plan, then take action towards your goals with our expert guidance

Access our resources, insights and library of documents 100% free

Flexible invoicing options for your cashflow

What do I get?

Access to an expert coach and advisor, as if they were part of your business

We work with your pace and rhythm – so we can change to suit you, (incl. the time and financial commitment) up or down over time

No ‘dump-and-run’ advice or paperwork, no contracts or long-term commitments


How is this different?

Success comes from taking action, the right action.

It does not come from paperwork, compliance, or ‘outsourcing’ health and safety.

We have a proven formula for health and safety improvement which will deliver amazing value to you, your people, and your bottom line

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