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[VIDEO] Health and safety ‘things’ vs ‘outcomes’

[VIDEO] Health and safety ‘things’ vs ‘outcomes’

Hey it’s Andrew here from

Our mission at Fidesa is to help clarify and simplify work health and safety for small business owners like you, which doesn’t just give you safer and healthier people, we also help you improve your businesses top and bottom line too.  Better people, better business.


I often hear small business owners getting confused between health and safety things vs health and safety outcomes, so I hope this clears it up for you.


Imagine a business owner you saying “My business creates amazing products for customers.  Our employees are just the best craftspeople, who give our customers something they can hand down to their kids.  Our state of the art software helps them get the design just right, and we are always on time”.


What’s the ultimate outcome for a business to achieve? Well I think there are actually two. The first outcome we want to achieve without fail is a great experience for our customer or client, which in that example it sounds like the business owner has done.  But the second outcome is that we are profitable.  If your customers are amazingly satisfied, but it costs you $100 to make only an $80 product, you are not a business, you are a money pit of doom.  You will fail to get your business outcome.


So the things that we do in our business don’t matter unless those things help us get the outcome that we want.  It’s the same in health and safety.  Health and safety is not a thing, it’s not a process or a document – health and safety of people are the outcomes of great work done by those people in a great small business.


There is a bucketload of things that are labelled health and safety, which don’t really contribute much if at all to the outcome of safe and healthy people.


So next time you are thinking about another thing for health and safety, ask yourself, is this really going to help get the outcome I want?


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